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Five Choices for Outdoor Paving and Their Features

February 18, 2020

Awesome outdoor paving ideas add aesthetic and stunning allure to backyards, swimming pools, driveways, and much more. All that homeowners need is a dash of selected natural stones to bring the desired elegance to their outdoor spaces.

Experts at Stonedepo, the leading natural stone supplier in Australia, reveal the primary features of the five first-choice natural stones variants of the Australian families.


Travertine is a sturdy, easy to install, and eco-friendly natural stone variant that forms around hot mineral springs or limestone deposits. The stone is ideal for outdoor paving and indoor flooring.

Key Features:

  • Applications: Outdoor paving, indoor tiling, wall cladding, driveways, and pool areas
  • Styles: Classic Light, Silver Premium, Rustic Gold, Noche
  • Colors: Light Beige, chocolate brown, golden honey, and silvery greens
  • Textures: Tumbled patterns and honed finish


Sandstone is multi- faceted, low maintenance, durable, and naturally forming sedimentary rock. This stone variant is ideal for outdoor paving, wall cladding, and various indoor spaces.

Key Features:

  • Applications: Modernized buildings, pool paving, beach houses, suburban bungalows, and private mansions
  • Styles: Himalayan White, Teakwood, Ash Grey, Sunrise Gold
  • Colors: Vivid yellows, golden, eucalyptus greens, browns, and pink
  • Textures: Sandblast finish, honed surface, and characteristic grain


Bluestone is an incredibly reliable, rugged, and long-lasting natural stone with a touch of blue that is highly resistant to saltwater. Bluestone is appropriate for outdoor paving and indoor landscaping.

Key Features:

  • Applications: Official complexes, residential buildings, pool areas, pavements, indoor walls, and pathways
  • Styles: Ash Black
  • Colors: Shades of blue and gray, a dual blue and grey tone, and plum
  • Textures: Polished, sawn, honed, flamed, and natural finishes


Limestone is the most elegant paving natural stone with superb insulation and humidity management features. The stone’s formation occurs in over a million years using the calcium from seashells and the bones of sea creatures that settle on the ocean floor as sediments.

Key Features:

  • Applications: Modern homes, indoor flooring, bathroom areas, official buildings, airports, and public structures
  • Styles: Lime Black, Kotah Multi, Indiana White
  • Colors: White, yellow, beige, cream, gray, and blue
  • Textures: Bright finishes, finely grained, vein cut, and smooth surface


Granite is the toughest, robust, and environment-friendly igneous rock made from molten rocks and composed primarily of quartz, mica, feldspar, and other minerals. The stone is a fabulous stone for indoor and outdoor landscapes.

Key Features:

  • Applications: Commercial spaces, shopping malls, airport terminals, contemporary home, living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, pool settings, and patios
  • Styles: Premium Black, Steel Grey, Black Galaxy, Kashmiri White, Colombo Juprana
  • Colors: White, brown, gray, black, blue, beige, and cream
  • Textures: Unpolished finishes and soft honed textures

To Summarize

As the premium quality natural stone importer, team Stonedepo has covered the top-notch natural stone categories that are most popular across Australia. You may explore our portal for more smart ideas to revamp your home and garden.

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