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Key Reasons to Choose Travertine Tiles

March 3, 2020

Travertine is an aesthetically elegant variant of limestone that forms around hot mineral spring deposits. This versatile and durable natural stone is available in fibrous or marble-like textures, unique finishes (honed, tumbled, brushed, and polished), and earth tone colours (beige, brown, rust, tan, and more). All these exotic elements make travertine the most preferred construction element for building contemporary homes and splendid structures worldwide.

Historically, however, travertine’s popularity was limited to grand monuments of Europe, including Coliseum in Rome, the Sacré Coeur Basilica in Paris, and artworks from the mountains of Italy.

Team Stonedepo, the premium natural stone supplier in Australia, discusses primary reasons why travertine is an excellent choice for all indoor flooring and outdoor paving needs.

Visual Treat

Travertine is an elite natural stone with distinctive textures and an impressive range of colors that guarantee an aesthetic appeal to the indoor spaces and outdoor landscapes. Rest assured that selecting travertine would be an intelligent selection, as the natural stone can sustain a longer than expected vibrant and exclusive look for the abodes.

Versatile Applications

Travertine flaunts exceptional textures, colors, and finishes that are apt for various design layouts, like indoor tiling, outdoor paving, patios, pool areas, driveways, backyards, wall cladding, and much more.

Smart Finishing Options

Travertine comes in countless surface finishes or grains that enable a personalized look to residential and commercial spaces. Honed travertine is the most used finish style that has a flat but not glossed surface, while polished travertine has a smooth and slippery finish with capabilities to resist stains. Both tumbled and brushed finishes have textured surfaces with muted colors that eliminate reflection from light.

Assured Durability

Travertine is a highly rated sturdy and robust natural stone that can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist extreme climatic conditions. With consistent care, the natural stone can retain its elegance for many years, and therefore, considered an ideal choice for diverse indoor and outdoor setups.

Low Maintenance

Travertine needs slight extra care than other natural stone variants. Applying proper cleaning products and techniques, however, can ensure a breeze to overall maintenance efforts. Primary travertine cleaning tactics include regular sealing of tiles, thorough sweeping of debris, and instant wiping of spills, while avoid using acidic- or alkaline- based cleaning products.

Effortless installation, alteration, repair, and replacement, along with higher cost- efficiencies can influence the decisions to pick travertine as an undisputed alternative for all construction or renovation plans.

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