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Top Five Advantages of Granite Flooring

March 27, 2020

Undoubtedly, the alluring patterns and aesthetic designs of granite add an appeal to kitchen and bathroom countertops while also enhances the beauty of walls. Worldwide property developers, however, prefer this sturdy and budget-friendly natural stone to elevate the elegance and style of floorings.

Specialists at Stone Depo, the leading natural stone importers, suppliers, and wholesalers in Australia, strongly recommend granite flooring for both residential and commercial projects. Listed here are the five advantages that make granite the first choice of property owners across the globe.

Smart Options

Granite is available in distinctive patterns, colors, and designs that add a splendid appeal to homes and offices. Primarily, there are four finish options for granite flooring:

  • Polished Granite produces extra shine, induces a reflective tone, and highlights the colors. The polished or glossy surface, however, tends to be slippery, and that is why best suited for low traffic zones.
  • Brushed Granite makes the stone’s surface appear brilliantly structured and smoother.
  • Honed Granite comes in a matte finish and has a flatter surface, thus recommended for high traffic areas.
  • Flamed Granite forms an extremely textured and rough surface by applying a high- intensity flame on the stone. This finish type is popular for outdoor applications, including pavements.

Besides, granite comes in numerous color choices for various moods and preferences, including Bianco Antico from Brazil, a light- colored variant with pink specks and graceful veining. Another option would be green granite from Canada and green- stone with jade- colored serpentine veins from Ireland.

Lifelong Durability

Granite is scratch proof, heat resistant, and virtually unbreakable stone that can last for decades by correctly applying recommended sealers and cleaners. Granite is an easy to clean natural stone, but spills can develop permanent stains if left unwashed for long. Experts, therefore, suggest regular wiping and mopping for granite floors to avoid blemishes.

Boost to Property Value

Property builders often pick granite for flooring, walling, and for installing countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, as they are aware that prospective homebuyers with bigger pockets may seek out these features while browsing available property options. Home appraisers also consider these aspects while conducting property valuation inspections.

Water and Moisture Resistant

Appropriately sealed Granite Pavers and Tiles can efficiently resist any damages to flooring and health hazards, as granite is extremely resistant to water and moisture. While cleaning, wipe the granite stones with a clean damp mop and apply warm soapy water for tougher stains. Restrict using bleach, ammonia, caustics, or cleaning solvents, as they may loosen the sealants.

Allergens Proof

Granite is the safest flooring option for individuals with the asthmatic condition and those who are prone to allergies.

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