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Expert Tips On Cleaning and Caring For Travertine Tiles

May 25, 2020

Aesthetically carved out of natural travertine stone, travertine tiles flaunt unique designs and distinctive patterns that make it the trendiest residential and commercial decorating material of all. Homeowners, Architects, and designers prefer these exquisite yet durable travertine pavers to decorate indoor floors, walls, kitchen countertops and to enlighten the outdoor living spaces such as patios, walkways and pool surroundings.

Travertine is very popular for building luxury pool decks as travertine pavers absorb water and remain slip free . Stonedepo’s travertine pavers stay cool even in the Australia’s hot weather and add warm natural look to pool decks, patios and water features.

Here are some quick cleaning and maintenance suggestions that will help in keeping your travertine tiles like new always!


Keep a regular check to make sure that the tiles are appropriately sealed and installed, especially for the honed or tumbled tile finishes. Apply a thin, even layer of recommended sealants to minimize staining and to protect the tiles from moisture. Before foot stepping on the tile, make sure the applied sealant is completely dried.


Safeguard travertine tiles from potentially harmful acidic materials, like vinegar, bleach, ammonia, carbonated drinks, or even fruit juices. These chemical agents may harm the sensitive surface of the tile. If somehow a spill happens, it is best to wipe the tiles immediately using hot water with baking powder, neutral (non- acidic) detergent, or formulated stone cleaning agents. Always use a gentle stone cleaner, like cotton cloth or sponge, and never use hard brushes, as they may scratch the surface.


Always use carpet runners or doormats to keep foot traffic from bringing in dirt elements that might damage travertine tiles. For kitchen or bath countertops, use coasters for drinks, stylish trays for cosmetics, and toiletries to defend the tiles from harmful substances.


Prefer using a dust- free wet mop with hot water for cleaning travertine tiles. For best results, use specially designed stone cleaning applicators, however, do not vacuum, as it can chip or damage the tile’s surface.


While adding any natural stone in a design plan, always reach out to proficient designers and accomplished travertine suppliers in Australia to understand the limitations and performance of the stone.

These easy to apply cleaning tips along with committed care and maintenance can add longevity to travertine tiles, and thus ensure splendour to your home and office spaces.

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