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Considered a prestige material, Granite supplied by the most widely sought Granite Supplier in Australia is used in buildings, bridges, monuments, paving, and other exterior projects.


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Stonedepo, Australia’s most popular Granite Importer, supplies Granite to builders and home owners for both indoor and outdoor purposes in the form of polished granite slabs and tiles used in countertops, tile floors, stair treads and several other design elements.

Known for its low porosity and water absorption, Granite Pavers, Tiles, Slabs, Treads and Pool Copping supplied by the most famous Granite Distributor in Australia, Stonedepo, are used to pave home interiors besides the area around the swimming pool for a dash of elegance.

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Quality, not just as a promise, we remain committed to provide innovative, high quality premium natural stone and porcelain products.


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Stonedepo’s product portfolio includes Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Marble, Slate stone and many more that reflect nature’s timeless beauty.


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Granite Paving is the best choice for those buyers who are gung-ho about a high-end finish. Its heard-wearing nature makes it a suitable choice to pave all kinds of surfaces, especially ones prone to high amounts of footfall and its durability, non-slippery nature and scratch-resistant properties make it certain for surfaces experiencing plenty of wear and tear. Robust yet stunning, Granite Pavers are the most preferred choice for patios, pathways and swimming pool decks, whether the project is residential or commercial. The best part is that Granite Pavers are available in multiple colors making paving a truly memorable experience!

Granite is available in a wide variety of colors and designs, providing to buyers a wealth of design opportunities. Thus, it becomes easy for anyone working on a paving project to identify a style that suits the needs of the project best! Buyers can pick from different sizes, be it large format pavers or smaller slabs or mixed patio kits, ideal for random laying resulting in a unique finish! Customers might be spoilt for choices with so many to choose from, because of which they can check out FREE samples after which they will find it easy to choose!

Granite is traditionally known to be a very hard wearing and durable natural stone. This means that its best comes out when used outdoors for paving. The biggest testament to Granite’s Strength and Slip Resistance is the time when it rains heavily or is freezing cold or is sweltering hot, and yet the surface paved with Granite hardly flinches and vehicles are able to come and go without the stone wearing off. This long-lasting paving option stands the test of time provided subjected to good maintenance.

Granite under no circumstances becomes slippery underfoot, unless the stone is used in excess which results in the surface texture getting worn down.

Granite is a porous stone. It allows moisture to penetrate its surface. Thus, those selling it generally advise buyers to seal their Granite paving in order to keep stains at bay. If your Granite is light in color, you may want to consider sealing it as stains generally become visible. Sealing though, is not compulsory. There are many sealants out there in the market, some which simply seal and protect, and others that also enhance the color of the slabs.

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Whether you’re looking for pavers, tiles, wall cladding, cobbles, or crazy pave, we can help you to make the right choice and supply you the products which you want, at the best prices!

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