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Limestone is a beautiful and one of the most affordable Natural Stone paving that is durable and unique with its dramatic shades ranging from beiges to browns, blues to greens and greys to blacks.

Featuring a lightly riven surface texture, Limestone Pavers are extremely popular for patios and pathways. The textured surface of this stone gives an airy and spacious feel to your outdoor projects such as driveways, patios, walkways, pathways, courtyards and stepping stones.

Evoking the cheerful mood of sunnier climate of Australia, Stonedepo offers endless designing possibilities using limestone paving and tiles.

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Stonedepo’s product portfolio includes Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Marble, Slate stone and many more that reflect nature’s timeless beauty.


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Limestone Paving is suitable for most types of landscaping projects and has been used in patio and landscaping projects for decades. It is a popular Natural Stone Paving due to its vast range of benefits.

Featuring a lightly riven surface texture, Limestone Pavers are extremely popular for patios and pathways as well as interior use for kitchens.

As one of the most affordable Natural Stone Paving materials available, Limestone Paving features a wealth of design opportunities!

Our Limestone is available in a striking Midnight Glow colour. The bold tones give a dramatic look to any patio space and can be either the focal point or blend into the background of your space, depending on the hues and features you pair it with.

Limestone Pavers offer an eye-catching finish with striking, dark tones. You can choose from large format pavers or a mixed size Patio Kit, which is perfect for random laying to create a unique finish! There will always be a style of paving to suit your project!

We offer our customers FREE Samples, allowing you to see and feel the stone prior to ordering, so you can be sure you are making the right choice first time around!

Limestone Paving Slabs are perfect for a wide variety of outdoor areas, including high traffic locations such as paths. You can use the paving for almost any outdoor space.

Limestone Slabs will last for many years and as they are highly durable, can withstand high traffic and adverse weather conditions. Limestone is a heavy natural stone and as a result, it is a material that has been used in the building and construction industry for many years.

Limestone is also naturally frost resistant, which means it is not susceptible to damage from harsh weather, making it an ideal choice for a low-maintenance finish that maintains its look for longer.

Indian Limestone Paving is a hard-wearing and durable Natural Stone Paving, designed for outdoor use and will stand the test of time even in harsh weather, retaining its grip underfoot. The pavers are suited to the British climate offer a robust and long-lasting paving option which will last for decades when properly cared for.

As a natural stone, Limestone is permeable and will allow moisture to penetrate its surface. As a result, it is sometimes advised to seal your Limestone Paving to help prevent a build-up of moisture within the slabs.

Sealing is not compulsory and there is a wide range of sealing products on the market which will provide various different results. For example, some sealants will simply seal and protect, whereas others can be used to enhance the colour of your slabs.

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