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A unique and varied colour profile makes Sandstone pavers the ultimate choice in terms of paving material when it comes to creating visually pleasing surfaces!


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Our Sandstone Paving Range!

Such is the visual appeal of Sandstone that its charm becomes evident as soon as you begin paving your walkway or courtyard with it. Sandstone pavers, tiles, slabs, pool copping and treads lend your surfaces an organic and rustic feel, an old-world charm of sorts hard to find nowadays. Moreover, their availability in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes give you plenty of options to try out new and innovative designs that lend a very high visual appeal to your residential and commercial projects! The stone’s aesthetic superiority lends an altogether different dimension to your surfaces once it takes its rightful place on them and raises their value multiple notches higher!

Your search for high quality outdoor Sandstone tiles and pavers ends at Stonedepo, foremost Australian Sandstone Supplier, from whom you can obtain FREE quotes and samples to decide smartly!

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Stonedepo’s product portfolio includes Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Marble, Slate stone and many more that reflect nature’s timeless beauty.


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The main reason behind choosing Sandstone to pave surfaces is the range of colors and finishes it is available in, opening many design opportunities for the end user. Buyers can choose from the sawn surface, smooth surface or the naturally riven surface. Sandstone is available in a variety of colors that range from neutral creams and greys to earthy tones and many other multicolored vibrant options! All these surfaces are colors of Sandstone are available in various sizes, ranging from large flags to mixed-sized patterns.

Additionally, Sandstone is a hard-wearing and durable stone categorically designed for outdoor use. This means, that the stone has the wherewithal to endure the harshest of weather conditions and yet retain its grip on the surface. For the uninitiated, Sandstone Tiles and Sandstone pavers are most suited for the Australian climate as they offer a long-lasting paving option!

Some of the colors that Sandstone is available in are white, ivory tones, brown, buff, deep greys etc. With so many options, buyers have an entire range of design opportunities to explore and make the most of! Sandstone Pavers and Sandstone Tiles in these colors offer a unique look and are available in a variety of sizes, thus ensuring that whatever the nature of the paving project be, there is always a style of patio paving available for it!

Buyers get to choose from large format patio stones and mixed sized patio kits, ideal for random laying and ensuring a unique and never-before-seen finish! Such is the nature of Sandstone that with so many choices, buyers will be spoilt for choices wile deciding which one to choose! Check out FREE Samples and see for yourself, as to which one suits you best!

It must be known to buyers of Sandstone Pavers and Sandstone Tiles that moisture penetrates the surface easily. Thus, they are advised that the paving be sealed to prevent any kind of stains! There are a wide range of sealing and cleaning products that can be chosen from, and in case Sandstone users have any doubts then experts can be reached out to who will be more than happy to guide them around!

There are no guidelines as to when the sealer should be applied! Some users seal their stone before laying to prevent staining whereas some leave their paving unsealed for an entire year so that the stone naturally weathers off before the sealant comes into the picture!

‘Riven’ is reference to the natural surface of the Sandstone. Such a surface is achieved when slabs are split across natural layers within the stone. The result of this process are natural variations through the surface of each slab, rendering each paver unique. This unarguably becomes one of the true joys of natural stone paving! Traditional settings are where this style is best suited and is less expensive as well, as compared to Yorkstone!

As compared to the riven finish, sawn and honed sandstone have a smooth finish, as the swirls of the color and the patterns are more pronounced, thus resulting in a premium appeal. This may cost buyers a little extra, but the end product will certainly put them at ease as the finish will be more satisfactory than one could have imagined!

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