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Travertine pavers are most widely sought for residential and commercial projects because of certain qualities the stone is known to have. Its durability, strength, natural beauty and incredible resistance towards heat endears it to stone users, who fully realize its true worth and prefer it above most other stones while opting for a stone to pave their floor with, indoor and outdoor.

Its water absorption abilities and being able to remain slip-free are other reasons behind Travertine Pool Coping being so famously used to pave swimming pool decks besides patios and driveways. Besides being rich and luxurious in its appeal, Travertine’s availability in different colors such as Ivory, Silver, Silver Blue and Cashew also play into its soaring popularity amongst stone users.

Stonedepo, Australia’s key Travertine Importer, helps you choose wisely among pavers and tiles that will suit your project best. One of Australia’s largest importers and wholesale suppliers of natural stones, Stonedepo’s understanding of Travertine is second to none and supplies Travertine at the most competitive prices in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales!

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Quality, not just as a promise, we remain committed to provide innovative, high quality premium natural stone and porcelain products.


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Stonedepo’s product portfolio includes Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Marble, Slate stone and many more that reflect nature’s timeless beauty.


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Travertine as a natural stone stands for durability, heat-resistance and strength in addition to the natural beauty it is known for. If these are the qualities you are looking for in a natural stone, then travertine should be your automatic choice. The most widely chosen stone for both residential as well as commercial projects, its water absorption and non-slippery qualities make it the ideal stone to pave swimming pool decks.

Moreover, the fact that its texture is a bit uneven make it perfect for patios and pathways as the stone gives such surfaces a very rustic yet sophisticated look.

By opting for travertine to pave your chosen surface, you present yourself with a bevy of design opportunities. Travertine Pavers and Tiles are available in various shades such as Silver, Ivory, Cashew and Silver-Blue. Thus, irrespective of the nature of the project, it becomes easy to identify the style that fits the bill to perfection and suits the needs of a specific project!

Interested buyers can also seek FREE samples so that deciding which one to choose becomes an easy process! Buyers, this way, get to see and feel the stone before they place an order to be sure of the stone they actually end up choosing!

Travertine is known to be water absorbent and non-slippery. These qualities of the stone make it the perfect choice to pave a swimming pool deck as Travertine Tiles absorb water fast. People swimming in that pool do not run the risk of slipping as they enter it and come out of it. Travertine’s ability to endure the harshest of weather conditions make it the perfect choice to pave outdoor surfaces as the stone is immensely durable. If you are looking or Travertine in Australia, this is where you will find the best quality from!

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